Meditation on Faith from Blessed Charles de Foucauld

Pere-de-FoucauldReal faith, faith which inspires all one’s actions, faith in the supernatural which strips the world of its mask and reveals God in all things; which abolishes the notion of “impossible” and empties the words “anxiety,” “danger,” and “fear” of their meaning; which gives life calm, peace, deep joy, like a child holding its mother’s hand; which detaches the soul so completely from earthly things by showing up their total lack of importance and their childishness; which bestows such confidence in prayer, the confidence of a child asking its father for something useful; the faith which shows that “apart from doing what is agreeable to God, everything is vanity”…oh, how rare that is! My God, give me real faith! My God, I believe, help the little faith I have!

-Bless Charles de Foucauld


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